Welcome to metarepo’s documentation!

Metarepo is a “meta-repository” management system. It:

  • Tracks “upstream” sources of packages, such as a local CentOS/Ubuntu mirror, or simply directories full of package files.
  • Imports packages from the upstreams into a single managed “pool”.
  • Allows you to create arbitrary numbers of “repos”, which can then be used by regular downstream package management tools.

digraph workflow {
  "N upstreams" -> "pool" -> "N repos";


Metarepo is alpha software. It works, but it’s got lots of rough edges. If you aren’t feeling like rolling up your sleeves and going code diving when things get wierd, probably not quite ready for you yet. If you are ready to do that, and it sounds cool, now is a good time to dive in.

  • We track “upstreams”
  • Files appear in the upstrem
  • Get added to the pool
  • Repos get created from packages in the pool * Can be synced to an upstream * Can be synced to another repo * Can have a specific policy


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